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Compactable warehouse

The compactable system consists of sliding-on-rails shelving that exploit as much storage area as possible.
The shelves remain normally closed; among them only an aisle at a time may be entered, the access/storing one, by means of a manual/automatic device.

This technology applies both to light and grand warehouses (e.g. industrial facilities), also in the shuttered shelves version, that is especially suitable for offices, archives, pharmaceutical stores, warehouses of spare parts and consumers goods.


• Maximum space exploitment:
  no aisles between the shelves, except for one.
• Goods protected from dust through special rubber
  trimmings and hermetic sealing.
• Adaptability to any kind of pavement.
  Rails may be either fixed or hidden into the pavement.
• Silent operating.
• Three handling systems:
– manual: the movement is generated by the operator
  that pushes on the handles fixed to the shuttered shelves sides;
– mechanical: each trolley is equipped with a manual operating
  system consisting of wheel, gear down and transmission group;
– electro-mechanical: motorized motion, each trolley is equipped
  with one or more motor-reducers. A small control panel
  is installed on each shelf side; the operator making an aisle
  open triggers the ‘cascade’ motion of all other trolleys in the block.
• Safety (electro-mechanical version):
– restore button;
– safety anti-crushing straps;
– emergency stop button;
– movement block at travel end (micro-buttons between shelves);
– alarm led;
– photocell device (optional): automatic halt of all trolleys in case
  of people entering the aisle from the back of the installation.
Compactable, heavy warehouse – shelves structure:
– Bi-Bloc pallet racks;
– Cantilever shelves, Cantil Dal Senior and Cantil Dal Junior types.
Compactable, light warehouse – shelves structure:
– slot-in shelves made out of special cold rolled profiles;
– precision holes for supporting pins
  of metal planks (adjustable distance);
– cold-formed metal planks with rimmed edges over
  the whole perimeter and longitudinally reinforced
  with one or more pieces of tubing;
– steel coating panels painted with RAL standard colors;
– panels of other colors (on request).



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