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Sistemul pentru turnare planşee Slab Deck

Slab Deck is a horizontal workform system for large sized floor casting. Composed of pre-assembled modular elements, the Slab Deck is particularly indicated to install large sized floors with work cycles in contained timeframes and enables quality casting finishes.
It also enables the building of overhanging planks in the areas facing a void to work in complete safety also where the use of scaffolding is limited.

Sistemul pentru turnare planşee Slab Deck
• Primary formwork: Double-C beam with perforated 
  profiles in hot dip galvanised steel S355JR
• Resistance module W=68 cm3
• Secondary formwork: Wooden H20 beam:
  Tab in fir wood, laminated wooden core (3 layers),
  weight = 4.5 kg/m
• Casting contact panel: Three layers
  of wood selected, crossed and with
  an equivalent thickness Tot. thick. = 27 mm
  Phenolic coating circa 150 gr/msq
• Suitable for any type of plan
• Reduced time for assembly, dismantling
  and horizontal and vertical movement
• Wide range of re-use possibilities
• Compatibilità con sistemi di puntellazione
  ad alta portata e travi H20
• Compatibility with high load propping systems
  and H20 beams
• Compatibility with SM8 and SMP8 propping systems
• Low incidence of labour
• Steel guard for H20 wooden beam head
  of secondary formwork
• Props:
– Telescopic props EN 1065 approved,
  with maximum, certified load bearing of 2000 kg
– The prop tilting system enables a fixing angle of 84°
  for the convenient movement of the planks,
  even with edge guardrails
– Standard propping height from 2.30 to 5.40 m
– Propping heights over 5.40 m combined
  with SM8 and SMP8 systems
• Wind bracing systems for greater stability
  of the floor plank
• Standard metal guards at the ends
  of each secondary formwork wooden beam
• Power units and electrical lifting carriages
  for horizontal movement
• Transport forks for vertical movement
• Lifting systems and edge guardrails to work safely

Norme de producţie

• C.N.R. – UNI 10011/88

• C.N.R. 10022/84

• C.N.R. 10027/85

• D. M. 16/01/96


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307221 Chişoda, Timiş - România
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