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Preform system

The preform metal formwork system is composed of modular frame elements with a galvanised steel structure which, together with a vast range of accessories and special sub-systems, enables the implementation of infrastructural works, such as: walls, pillars and foundations, beams and slabs, tanks, silos, refrigeration towers, dams, pre-compressed beams, self-sinking tanks, piles and decking for bridges and viaducts, tunnels, pipes and channels.

Preform system
Frames of S235JR
and S335JR hot dip
galvanized steel profiles

18-mm multi-layer birch panels with 250 g/m2 phenol coating

Steel grade S235JR and S355JR hot dip galvanized

Fully accessorized, wide interchangeable accessories range Wide range of re-use possibilities

Anchorage using bars inserted in conical sleeves that enable the assembly of inclined opposed panels or panels placed on surfaces at different heights

Beams with Omega profiles with button holes that enable the fast and safe insertion of accessories such as props and casting brackets

Beams with C paired profiles, placed in line with insertion holes of rods on frame profiles, which enable the connection of formworks, even when not consistently opposed or in a very inclined position compared to the vertical

Possibility of implementing casting brackets with tread floors in standard metal planks

 Manufacturing standards

• C.N.R. – UNI – 10011/88

• C.N.R. – 10012/85

• C.N.R. – 10022/84

• C.N.R. – 10027/85

• D.P.R. – 164/56

• D.P.R. – 547/55

• E.N. – 310, 313-1, 313-2, 314-1, 314-2, 315, 635

• I.S.O. – 2426

• Direttiva C.E.E. – 91/368 e 89/392

Preform system – Components


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